Laughing yoga


Alternative health therapy

Laughter Yoga was created in 1995 by a doctor, Dr Madan Kataria, and his yoga teacher wife.
It began as a Laughter Encounter Club in Mumbai, India, with 5 people. It then spread like wildfire.
Dr Kataria and his wife made their first tour of the United States at the invitation of psychologist Steve Wilson (USA) in 1999. Today it’s a fast-growing worldwide phenomenon.
It is now practised in companies, retirement homes, schools, colleges, fitness centres, community centres, prisons, hospitals, establishments for people with disabilities, etc.
It is acclaimed as perhaps the best alternative health therapy for whole-body-spirit wellbeing.

Because Laughter Yoga means connecting through unconditional laughter, members of a group quickly connect with each other. Laughter Yoga fosters a strong union between those who laugh together resulting in a bond similar to that of a family, providing an interaction and social network essential to happiness.

The aim of Laughter Yoga is to connect people to each other on a heart level, without judgement, which is the true meaning of Yoga.

Recognised benefits :

  • Health : Acts on the negative effects of ageing, strengthens the immune system.
  • Bodily : The body relaxes and the effects of stress disappear.
  • Emotional : A positive attitude promotes good humour and self-confidence.
  • Respiratory : The diaphragm becomes supple, and breathing becomes fluid and natural.

Notes & clarifications

Nathalie HUE :
Nathalie offers laughter yoga sessions for everyone. She is also an expert in Shiatsu massage and sound therapy. As a qualified specialist educator, she offers Laughter Yoga sessions adapted for people with disabilities.

Laughter Yoga improves your health by combining laughter and breathing. After 15 minutes of continuous laughter, you’ll feel the benefits. As part of the Ici-et-Maintenant approach, laughter yoga promotes good humour and a positive quality of life.
Nathalie will come to your home or to the venue where you would like to take advantage of this activity. If you wish, you can discover this activity through videos on our booking page !

* A spacious room for noisy activities is highly recommended


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