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Micro-entrepreneur libéral
n° SIREN 811 727 932 00014
Assurances AIAS et GENERALI

Our welcome project

Our family home, Namaste-Dunkerque, offers table d’hôtes, bed and breakfast or self-catering accommodation, shiatsu and dog-sitting.

May I introduce myself? Nathalie HUE, a specialist educator with Papillons Blancs, I have 20 years’ solid experience working with children in social difficulty or with disabled adults and children, particularly those with intellectual disabilities and autism. I’m also a self-employed educator (micro-entrepreneur n°SIREN 811 727 932) with a speciality in shiatsu. I have professional liability insurance with AIAS and Generali.

My wife, Laurence RUIZ, loves dogs and offers to look after them as a family (2 maximum 3). She holds a certificate of domestic ability n°59-844, a BAFA and is co-manager of the EIRL Nathalie HUE.

We have three children aged 10, 11 and 13. The core of our project is to welcome, for a set period of time, in a family setting, children in social difficulty or people (children or adults) with a disability (2 disabilities: visual and mental in the process of being awarded the tourism and disability label), whether on their own, as a couple, as a family or accompanied, in our guest rooms located on the first or second floor of our fully renovated, 3-star-rated house, listed with the Dunkirk tourist office, AIRBNB, tripadvisor and chambre.org.

We would like to offer you a moment of leisure, a holiday, a break from everyday life. In the case of dogs, as part of the dog-sitting service at Namaste-Dunkerque, we will offer contact with the animal, under the responsibility of Laurence RUIZ.