Micro-entrepreneur libéral
n° SIREN 811 727 932 00014
Assurance GENERALI

Nathalie undertakes to :

  • Practice at NamasteDunkerque or at home.
  • Ensure personal hygiene and cleanliness of the room and the amma chair.
  • To practise shiatsu with total respect for the patient’s physical and moral integrity, limits and needs, and to respect strict confidentiality.
  • To practise with a neutral and benevolent attitude, renouncing all judgement and excluding any statements on political, ideological or religious themes.
  • To create a welcoming and trusting environment in which transformation and a return to oneself can take place.
  • To guarantee the quality of my therapy and maintain my skills by attending further training courses and supervisions, and to be aware of my own personal development.
  • To behave responsibly and to use only the treatment methods learnt during their training.
  • To be aware that shiatsu is neither a medical practice, nor a massage, nor an ideology, but a manual method in the field of prevention, and to refrain from pronouncing a diagnosis or giving advice concerning a medical treatment in progress.
  • Respect and encourage patients’ autonomy and their ability to take responsibility for their own health and care. Take out professional indemnity and premises insurance.
  • Set fees in accordance with fairness, in proportion to the services provided, while remaining free to offer sessions free of charge.