Shiatsu & Sonotherapy

Energy massages


Shiatsu by Nathalie

Excessive stress, a product of our constantly changing world, impacts on our health, unbalancing our emotional, psychological and physiological mechanisms. Shiatsu (“pressure with the fingers”) is a set of techniques performed on and around the body, bringing better physical and psychological balance. Immediately effective and long-lasting, shiatsu helps to restore well-being through relaxation.

Shiatsu promotes balance and the harmonious circulation of the body’s energy, and is therefore part of the field of prevention and “well-being”. Shiatsu has many virtues, but the following are the most important:

  • Reduce stress and tension.
  • Stimulate and strengthen the body’s self-defence system.
  • Balancing the entire energy system.
  • Bring physical and psychological relaxation.

A session lasts about an hour. The person remains dressed, lying on a futon on the floor, or on an amma chair. Soft clothing, preferably made from natural fibres, facilitates the work. The session can be carried out in a seated position for people who find lying down uncomfortable or who are unable to lie down.

Please note : Shiatsu is intended for anyone, of any age, who wishes to maintain or develop a level of physical, psychological and emotional well-being, subject to the existence of illnesses or malformations which must remain the strict domain of medicine.

Sonotherapy by Nathalie

Sonotherapy is a set of techniques that come straight from Tibet and Nepal. Based on ancient knowledge, this art form was already used several thousand years ago in traditional Indian medicine. In fact, in Eastern countries, people believe that human beings are born from sound, and are therefore sound.

In sonotherapy, also known as sound massage, we use the voice, therapeutic tuning forks and Tibetan and/or crystal bowls. Sound acts on physical matter, as demonstrated by cymatics, the study of sound waves visible in sand spread out on a metal plate. Water, like sand, reacts to sound. Since the human body is over 70% water, sound frequencies have a profound effect on our bodily structure.

Singing, singing bowls and tuning forks use resonance to restore well-being to our body, mind and emotions. It’s a form of meditation that helps to calm the mind, reduce preoccupation and sharpen intuition. It works on the body and mind and guides us towards mastery of conscious breathing.

Energy massages by Laurence

I have hypersensitivity, magnetism and clairvoyance, and was trained in a first degree of Reiki in 2005, as well as in Celtic, Amerindian and Druidic shamanism techniques for 4 years by 3 successive shamans. I was also trained in geobiology at the age of 20 and in 2022 (divining rods). I have mediumship skills and have developed magnetism through courses that I channel. With 25 years’ experience in Grh and management, I’ve been looking after people with intellectual disabilities and dogs (with a diploma in acaced) for 9 years. I have a diploma in sonotherapy, I’m training in animal mediation (certification) and I’m training in coaching (certification).

Energetic massages are a non-conventional personal wellbeing practice based on shamanic tools combining drumming, singing, maracas, Jew’s harp and whistling, soul consolidation, channelled animal medicines and sound massages (sonotherapy). During a session, we take a holistic approach to your being, helping you to relax and feel better using an energetic method.

The session lasts 45 minutes to an hour. It consists of a preliminary interview, followed by energy channelling, and ends with a review of your feelings and energies.

At your request, these sessions can take place via videoconference. A contract with a charter will be drawn up beforehand.

Totoro, our cat, may be involved in the session. Please let us know beforehand if you have any allergies to cat hair, or if you are afraid of or reticent about our feline.

Under no circumstances will you be asked to stop taking your medication or suspend your medical treatment (PJ CGU, ethical charter) Unconventional care practices. (

Rates & Payments

The services provided on site are aimed at customers who have not subscribed to any of our other services but who have travelled as far as “Namaste”, as well as customers of the bed and breakfast or the 3-star gîte.

Rates in Dunkerque and outside Dunkerque include travel costs.

For all requests relating to a corporate service, please contact us so that we can assess your requirements and offer you a tailor-made quote that perfectly matches your needs.


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Shiatsu and Sonotherapy

  • On site : 20.00€/45mn OR 40.00€/1h15
  • In Dunkerque : 30,00€/hour
  • Outside Dunkerque : on quotation only !
  • Companies : on quotation only !

Energy massage

  • On site : 40.00€ on rendez-vous